Rose Lip Mask


This intensely moisturizing treatment mask transforms upon contact, instantly melting from a creamy balm into a silky oil.   Luxuriously soft texture glides easily over the entire lip area to provide long lasting hydration and renewed smoothness to lips.

Indulge in the ultimate lip care experience with our luxurious Rose Lip Mask, an intensely moisturizing treatment designed to lavish your lips with unparalleled hydration and renewal.
Enriched with nourishing ingredients, including botanical extracts and essential oils, our Rose Lip Mask is meticulously crafted to provide deep hydration and enhanced smoothness to your lips. 
Experience the soothing sensation as our Rose Lip Mask replenishes dry, chapped lips, restoring them to their natural, supple state. 
With regular use, you'll notice a visible improvement in the texture and appearance of your lips, as they become softer, smoother, and more hydrated. Treat yourself to the luxury of our Rose Lip Mask and embrace the beauty of nourished, revitalized lips.

  • Revitalizes lip area
  • Plumps lips